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Last updated May 24, 2019

Quality Standards

Set standards on tasks to enforce quality data capture before advancing in the workflow.

Quality Standards Quality Forms Task Interaction Data Capture

Standards, when paired with Quality Forms, allow for enforced, selective data capture from the floor (QA, error codes, downtime codes, etc.) (See How do I make QA/Downtime/Error Forms?)

  1. Log into admin.factoryfour.com and navigate to the Standards tab on the menu to the left of the screen.

  2. Click the ‘+ Add Standard’ button to create a new Standard Enforcement image

  3. Fill out the Standard:
    • Under ‘Scope’:
      1. Transition: Define the task status transition you wish to trigger the form requirement. Example from ‘Any’ to ‘Error’ would be ideal for an Error Code form.
      2. Task(s): Confirm whether you want this form to appear for all tasks, or a specific workflow-task set
    • Under ‘Requirements’: specify one or more Quality Form(s) and then for each form specify the following:
      1. Total/Per transition: Whether this form set is only needed 1) to be filled out once for the task (ex. QA for a task) or 2) each** time the transition occurs (ex. Downtime Code)
      2. Required/Non-required: Whether this form completion is required or optional for the indicated transition state
      3. Quantity: Number of instances of the form required for a** transition
      4. Message: The message you want displayed to the user** when the Enforcement Standard is triggered
  4. Be sure to turn the Enabled switch to ‘On’
  5. Navigate to a relevant Task within the FactoryFour application and attempt to perform the transition to see your enforcement in action. image

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