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Last updated June 4, 2019

Quality Form Management

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We will continue to rollout features for the Form Builder. In the meantime, for more complex functionality such as multiple fields in the same line, selective visibility, etc, please reach out to your Customer Service Representative to aid in the configurement.

  1. Log into admin.factoryfour.com and navigate to the Forms tab on the menu to the left of the screen.


  2. Click the ‘+ Add Form’ button to add a new Quality Form
  3. Build the form using the form builder and then click ‘Publish Draft’ to publish the Quality Form to your account. See Quality Form Builder Features explained below.


  4. Navigate to a Task within the FactoryFour application and you can now fill out and submit your form. If you want to auto-enforce this form at different points of production use ‘Standards’ enforcement feature (See Creating Standards)


Quality Form Builder features:

When you first create a Quality Form, your screen should look like the following: image

You will notice that your two options are ‘Add Field’ or ‘Add HTML’ Click ‘Add Field’ in order to add any of the following features:

  • ‘Single-Line Text’ input
  • ‘Number’ input
  • ‘Text Area’ input
  • ‘Checkbox’
  • ‘Single-Select’ which is either a Dropdown or Radios Buttons
  • ‘Multiple-Select’ which is checkboxes
  • ‘Date’ Selector


Click ‘Add HTML/Instructional Text’ in order to place explanatory or header text for your form. If you would like to implement basic text formatting, see below basic HTML codes image

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