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Q4 2019

Tuesday, December 3

Custom Workflows

Add custom, on-the-fly workflows to an order instead of existing workflow templates

  • Admins can create Custom Workflows within an order

Reach out to your Customer Service Representative to have this feature turned on for your account

Friday, November 15

User Activity Dashboard Component

Understand current user activity – for each user quickly access the current or most recent tasks.

At a Glance:

  • Add a User Activity component to your Home Page Dashboard
  • Configure the Component to show All/Subset of Users as well as different Display Defaults
  • Filter by All, Active, or Inactive users
  • Search for a specific user

Learn more: Configure User Activity Component

Wednesday, October 16

Custom Dashboards

Customize the Home Page to satisfy role-specific needs

At a Glance:

  • All users can create their own custom dashboards
  • Users set a default dashboard to see any time they come back to the home page
  • Admins can create role-specific dashboards to share with User Groups
  • It’s just the beginning – this dashboard infrastructure will allow our team to continuously provide more component types and your team to build and use custom components for organization-specific needs. Keep an eye on What’s New for more components to leverage for your organization.

Learn more: Custom Dashboards

Monday, October 14

Assign Users to Tasks

Admins can assign users to Tasks from the Task Side Panel.

At a Glance:

  • Admins assign users to Tasks using Task Assignment functionalities
  • Users/Admins can create Task View Templates that specifically display Tasks assigned to users or users within a User Group

Learn more: Assigning Users to Tasks

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