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Last updated May 24, 2019

Introduction to Orders

Bring into focus the orders and tasks you care about most.

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FactoryFour is a cloud-based order management and production tracking platform. It can be used to capture data from the floor to provide everyone in an organization visibility into the status of every order and captures efficiency data throughout the production process. What makes us different is that everything is custom to match your processes - we model your production process with custom workflows and capture custom datapoints. How does it work? Orders are the central unit of the FactoryFour application.

Order Components

  • The form will hold the initial information required to submit the order. The form is entirely custom and can be changed quickly - if something can be improved we are happy to make a change
  • Datapoints contain the high-level information everyone needs to process and produce the order (Item #, Quantity, Delivery Date, etc.)Datapoints can be extracted directly from the form, calculated based on custom rules, or manually entered at anytime
  • Media is like Dropbox, any files relevant to the order can be uploaded and stored hereSome files - PDFs, 3D files, and images - can be viewed directly in the application, all files can be downloaded for local use
  • Custom task-based workflows for all processes

Order Statuses

  • Incomplete: Order form has not been completed and submitted for review
  • Pending: Order form is pending review
  • In Progress: Order has entered production
  • Complete: Order has been completed
  • Error: Order has unexpected problem that may impact delivery

Task Statuses

  • Standby: Task not ready, all prior tasks have not been completed
  • Inactive: Task ready to be activated, no current activity
  • Active: Current activity ongoing by at least one employee
  • Complete: Task completed, next tasks are ready to be activated
  • Error: Unexpected problem requiring additional resources

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