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Last updated October 21, 2019

Order Views

Build your own custom Order Forms using the Order Form Configurator tool available in the FactoryFour Admin App.

Form Configurator Order Forms

Users are able to set their own View(s) by applying filters to the Orders in their organization. This allows the user to isolate the specific Orders that are relevant to them.

Filter criteria include:

  • Orders I’m Following
  • Orders I’m Assigned to
  • Orders in particular Statuses
  • Orders in particular Production Stages
  • Orders for particular Customers
  • Orders for particular Order Types

How to Create an Order View

Follow these steps, and the graphic below, to create a new view:

  1. Click on the dropdown for View and select New View
  2. Name your view and click “Create View”
  3. Set the filter criteria of interest
  4. Close the filter panel by de-selecting Filter View next to the View dropdown

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