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Last updated June 20, 2019

Order Form Configurator

Build your own custom Order Forms using the Order Form Configurator tool available in the FactoryFour Admin App.

Form Configurator Order Forms

The Form Configurator is composed of the Builder (left) and the Previewer (right). This layout allows you to make updates to the form and test those updates as they will appear in the FactoryFour application before publishing.

Within the Form Builder, you can add:

  1. Structural components: a Stage, Section, or Divider
  2. Content components: a Field (Input types: Dropdown, Checkboxes, Date Selector, Attachment Buttons, etc.), an Image, or Text (Plain text or HTML code)

Stages and Sections

There are 3 structural levels of a form:

  • Stages
    • Contain sections and fields
    • Can be moved relative to each other
    • Sections
      • Contain fields
      • Can be moved within stages
      • Fields/Images/Text/Dividers
        • The inputs of your order form
        • Can be moved across sections within stages

Stages can be leveraged to create catered segments of an order form for the user to fill out. Many customers use stages to separate Product Info, Shipping Info, and Billing Info of the form.


Field Configuration

All fields allow:

  1. Field Type
  2. Title
  3. Optional Checkbox: to toggle the field to be required/optional
  4. Delete
  5. Re-ordering within the Stage
  6. Field Width Specification

Some fields additionally allow:

  1. Option to assign an extraction: which routes the form inputs to other parts of the application. Often used to set the ‘Order Identifier’ and Order ‘Requested by’ Date from form inputs
  2. Option to add a placeholder in the field to give more guidance to the user
  3. Option to add a validator for field


This field enforces the input be an integer/decimal

  • Available validations: >, >=, <, <=
  • Note: If you wish to do a more complex number type such as fractions (4 3/4), use the ‘Single-Line Text’ field and Validator Type Custom to write Regex code


This field enforces the input be a valid email address

US Phone Number

This field enforces the input be a valid US phone number

  • Note: If you wish to do a less restrictive input to encompass international numbers, you can use ‘Single-Line Text’ with no validation

Single-Line Text

This field is an input box for short text

  • Available validations: Min and Max Length (# of characters) and custom which allows you to input Regex code for more complex validations

Text Area

Input box for long text. This is essentially the same as single-line text, but can be used to encourage a longer response

  • Examples: Often used to allow inputted descriptions or additional notes/requests


Single checkbox


Single checkbox


This field allows you to create a list, where only 1 option can be selected:

  1. Dropdown: list as a dropdown

  2. Radios: list as toggle buttons


This field allows you to create a checkboxes list

  • Options: Inline (Horizontal) or Standard (Vertical Stack)
  • Validations: Currently None, but will soon release Min/Max Selections= #


Specific Media

Allows you to place one or more ‘Attach File’ buttons and configure the file requirements for each attachment

  • Description: The display title for the ‘Attach File’ button File Name: The overwrite name when the user attaches a file. This can be used to ensure the file they attach gets name appropriately so you can identify it File Type: enforced file type for the upload

  • Validation: When you specify this as required, the default assumption is that one attachment is required. When you add multiple attachments with the ‘Specific Media’ field, using a Min/Max selection validator allows you to specify how many of the attachments are required to fulfill the field.

Any Media

Allows you to place a single ‘Attach File’ button that allows users to freely attach as many files as they like with no particular restriction


This field allows you to add a calendar selector

  • Note: If you want to allow this date to set the ‘Requested Date’ for your order, click ‘+ Extraction’ and choose ‘Requested Date’, shown below


This field allows you to upload an image file and control the height by modifying ‘Max Height’


This field allows you to place a dividing line in the form to visually separate groups of fields

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