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Last updated February 20, 2020

Managing Clinics

Invite and Manage Clinics

For FactoryFour organizations that leverage external Clinic Accounts for Order Intake, use the FactoryFour Admin App admin.factoryfour.com to manage both Clinic Invites and Clinic Relationships

Invite New Clinics

  1. Navigate to the Admin App Invites Tab.
  2. To send a new invites, click ‘+ New Invite’ and enter the required clinic information.

  3. Provide the clinician with the following article link to walk them through setup: https://learn.fusiform.co/en/articles/3552554-downloading-the-fusiformcast-app

Manage Existing Invites

  1. Navigate to the Admin App Invites Tab to see pending invites as well as to create new invites.
    • Pending Invites: All invites that sit in the table on the Invites Tab are Pending Invites that have not been accepted.
      • Typical reasons invites aren’t accepted are:
        1. Incorrect Email
        2. Invitation email is not located in the clinicians inbox.
      • Always have the clinic check their spam box for their invite.
    • Expired Invites: All invites have an expiration time indicated in the table. Invitations are valid until the expiration, after which point, they need to be resent.
    • Accepted Invites: Once an invite is accepted, it will disappear from the Invites Tab and become a Related Clinic in the Relationships tab (see below).

Manage Existing Relationships

Once an invite is accepted on the clinic-side (they have finished creating their account and set thewir password), the clinic will appear as a Related Clinic on the Relationships Tab.

  1. Navigate to the Admin App Relationships Tab to see all existing Related Clinics.
    • Delete Clinic Relationship: You can delete a Clinic Relationship if you no longer wish for this clinic to have access to place orders to your organization.
    • Edit Clinic Relationship Information:
      1. Click the pencil icon to the right of the clinic line to edit the clinic information (Account Number, Primary Contact, etc).
      2. In the pop-up window, make the changes to the clinic information, and click ‘Save’.

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