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Last updated July 3, 2019

Configure Order Downloads

How to set Order Report Headers and Order QR Identifiers

Downloads Datapoints Order Info

Within the Order Overview, you can download a pdf of the Order Report as well as a png of the Order QR code. These can be used to physically move along the production floor and link users back to FactoryFour through QR scanning. See How do I download an Order Form/QR Code? and How do I scan to open an order?

In order to ensure the physical Order QR and Order Reports can be visually identified for a particular order, users should configure the identifying information they wish to display on these downloads.

In the Order Downloads tab of admin.factoryfour.com, you can perform 2 Types of Configuration:

  1. Set Identifiers
  2. Report Setup

Set Identifiers

In this tab, you can configure the identifiers on your Order QR code as well as the filenames for the generated QR code and Order Report files. By Default, your identifiers will be your designated Order ID.

  • 0-3 Extraction Keys in a particular order, top-to-bottom
  • Indicate if the designated keys should print at the top, bottom, or side of the QR label
  • Indicate if you want the key header to be included to provide more context (Note: When including key headers, this will shrink the total font size to accommodate)

Example of QR Code with PO # and Due Date Identifiers:

Report Setup

By checking the field key as “Show” you can toggle that piece of information on/off the report header. Additionally you can drag-to-order each piece of order information to specify how they appear in the report header

  • Order ID
  • Submitter(Org, Date/Time)
  • Creator(User, Org, Date/Time)
  • Requested Date
  • Fabricator
  • Distributor
  • Customer
  • Due Date

Example of Report Header with Submitter, Creator, and Order ID information:

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