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Last updated April 3, 2019

Using the Order Overview

Learn how to navigate the Order Overview.

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Breakdown of the Order Overview Components:

  1. Order Header contains:
    • Form/Product used to create the order
    • Order Status
    • Order’s Primary Identifier (Note: By default, it is a assigned a 20 digit alpha-numeric code from the F4 system. This can be customized to represent other pieces of order information. Reach out to your Customer Service Representative to make this change)
  2. Action Bar image

    • Follow an order: This populates the order on your ‘My Orders’ table on the ‘Home’ tab.
    • Assign yourself/someone to the order: This also populates an order on your ‘My Orders’ table on the ‘Home’ tab. Assignment is used to designate ownership of an order.
    • Edit Customer: Change the Customer associated to this order (See Change Order’s Customer)
    • Archive the order: If you want to remove an order from your ‘My Orders’ table. The order can still be retrieved and ‘Unarchived’ by searching for it in the search bar. (See Archiving/Unarchiving Order)
    • Schedule: Navigates you to the scheduler for the Order’s Workflow
    • Download: the PDF of the Order Form and/or the lone QR code for the order. This QR code can be scanned by clicking the ‘Device Camera Scan-to-Navigate-to-Order’ button in the top right of the ‘Home’ tab. (See Configure Order Downloads and How do I download an Order Form/QR Code?)
  3. Order Status Information: This section contains information about the status of the Order.
  4. Production Stages: This allows you to set the high-level stage of production
  5. Order Status Advancement button: Submit Order, Enter Production, Complete Order
  6. The Order Information
    • Customer, Relationships, Submission
    • Due/Requested Dates (See Order Dates)
  7. Order Tags (See Order Tags)
  8. Comments Panel (See Order Comments)
  9. Workflows: This section contains the Order’s Workflows. Once Workflows have been added to an order, they must be completed for the Order to be completed. (See Using Workflows)
  10. Form Information: This contains the ‘Open Form’ button which allows the user to access the electronic Order Form. Additionally, this section can be customized to provide particular Order information.
  11. Media Mod: This contains all of the attached media for an order (See Uploading Order Media)
  12. Data Points Mod: This contains all of the pieces of information that can be used to search for a particular order. These pieces of information can be auto-extracted from the Order Form as well as manually entered by the user.

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