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Last updated October 18, 2019

How to Create Task Dashboard Views

Learn how to create new Views for your Task Dashboard

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You can have as many Task Dashboard Views as needed. To create a new view follow the steps below.

Creating a View

  1. Click on the View dropdown and click New View at the bottom of the dropdown.

  2. Name your view and click Create View.

  3. Fill out the View criteria to filter the tasks based on desired Users, Tasks, Status, and Task Tags

  4. Then select to sort by task or status

Sort by

The Task Dashboard will populate based on the settings specified in the Views bar on the left. Your Dashboard will always be “Sorted by” either Task or Status.

The Dashboard below has been “Sorted by” Task:

The Dashboard below has been “Sorted by” Status:

Filter by

While the Task Dashboard will always be “Sorted by” either Task or Status, “Filters” are up to the discretion of each user. You can set “Filters” in the Views bar on the left.

There are four major filters that can be set on a View:

  1. Users/User Groups: Tasks can be filtered based on the assigned users. Any user that is registered to the organization can be selected. Likewise, you can select from all User Groups in the organization, which effectively adds all users in the the selected User Group to the filter criteria.
  2. Tasks: Specific tasks can be selected from the dropdown.

    Note: Only tasks that have been added to published workflows can be selected

  3. Status: Specific tasks can be specified under the Status dropdown. This is a way to further filter task views from the Sort by Status button at the top.
  4. Tags: Specifies tasks that have a certain task tag. Only tasks with the specified tag(s) will be shown.

Edit View Name, Set Default, and Delete View

The three dots next to the name of the View allow you to rename your view, designate the view as your default view, duplicate the view, and delete the view.

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