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Last updated October 21, 2019

How to Create Custom Dashboards

How to create and modify custom dashboards

Building and using custom dashboards effectively will significantly improve your efficiency and experience on FactoryFour.

Creating a custom Dashboard

  1. From the home page, click ‘Create New Dashboard’
  2. Enter the Dashboard Name
  3. Start by setting the desired layout and selecting the components for the first section

    Learn about the available Dashboard Components

  4. Configure your components
  5. Add additional sections and components, as needed
  6. Preview your dashboard to ensure it meets your functional and aesthetic requirements
  7. ‘Exit Preview’ and apply any changes as needed
  8. Save the dashboard by clicking ‘Done Editing’

Modifying a Dashboard

  1. Select the dashboard of interest
  2. Click the ... menu button and select ‘Modify’
  3. Add, remove and edit component configurations
  4. Preview your dashboard
  5. Save the dashboard by clicking ‘Done Editing’

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