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Last updated April 3, 2019

How to Add Workflows to an Order?

Order Workflows Order Status

To take advantage of workflows, navigate to the relevant ‘Order Overview’ page and click the ‘Select Workflow’ drop down menu. This will preview existing workflows that you can apply to the order. image

Once you have selected a workflow, you can 1) ‘Rename’ the workflow and 2. either ‘Confirm’ or ‘Confirm & Start’.

Renaming workflow: This allows you to change the display name of the workflow from the default template name

Confirm: This will confirm your workflow selection, but it will not start the time counter. The workflow will remain in a ‘Standby’ status until you click ‘Start’.**

Confirm & Start: This “activates” the workflow and the first task(s) will enter an ‘Inactive’ state


At any time, you can ‘Archive the workflow at hand, or click ‘+ Add Workflow’ to add another workflow to the order. image

From the Workflows Table, you can see: Workflow Status, Last Task Updated , Last task updated Time Stamp, Total Number of Workflow Tasks, and the Date of the Workflow’s Start. image

Note: All Workflows (Active or in Standby) must be completed before an Order can be completed.

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