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Last updated January 6, 2020

How do I see Quality Form Metrics?

Analytics Quality Forms

Similar to how datapoints are associated to an order, metrics are datapoints that are associated to a Quality Form. Metrics allow you to select which fields in your Quality Form get tracked, and view analytics on that data. Once you have configured a Quality Form, notify your Customer Success Representative about what field(s) you would like tracked. You can have up to four metrics per form. Metrics cannot be created for date and single Checkbox fields. Once your Customer Success Representative has configured the metrics on the backend, you will be able to associate them in the Quality Form configurator. Simply click on the (+) Key Metric button and a dropdown will appear.

There are two types of metrics: strings and numbers. String metrics are used for fields that have responses with either words or numbers. Number metrics are used for fields that are designated as a “Number” in the Quality Form configurator (shown above).

If a field within a Quality Form is associated to a metric, “Key Metric” will appear next to the field title as the form is being filled out.

When you submit a Quality Form with metrics, the summary data will appear within the forms tab of the side panel

To visualize and understand patterns of key metrics, please contact your Customer Success Representative regarding analytics.

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