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Last updated April 3, 2019

How do I create Action QR Codes?

Scan Action Order Status Task Interaction

For more background on the feature, see Overview of Scan Action

  1. Log into admin.factoryfour.com and navigate to the Scan Actions Tab on the menu to the left of the screen. image

  2. Fill out the form to create the type of QR code you wish to make:
  3. Task Status (Complete, Error)
  4. Update a Production Stage (See Production Stages Article to come)
  5. Order Status
  6. Open Order Overview
  7. Check-In
  8. Check-Out

For Task Status and Check-In/Check-Out you define which Task you wish to update. (Note: Under Task Action, we typically recommend saying “Any” for Workflow, unless you want to limit the Technicians ability to interact with a Task only to a particular workflow type)

  1. Once you have generated your first code, you can download it.

  2. Once you have generated all of the codes for your workstation, we recommend using a doc editor, or your innate scrap-booking skills, to create an ‘Actions Card’ for your workstation rather than dealing with discrete QR codes. You should only need to do this once for each workstation. image

  3. Now you are ready to get started with Scan Action

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