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Last updated April 3, 2019

Scan Action Overview

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Overview: Scan Action is a feature in the FactoryFour application that allows users to use QR scanning to trigger actions/updates in the system. Note: This feature only exists on the Home Tab For Scan Action, two QR codes are needed:

  1. The Action QR to set the mode (See Creating Action Codes)
  2. An Order QR code to specify the order the action will be committed to (See Downloading Order QR Code)

A user should have generated and printed their Action QR Codes, usually ‘Check-In’/’Check-Out’, ‘Error’, and ‘Complete’ for a particular Task and placed them at their workstation so they can commit all necessary actions with only scanning.

Using Scan Action:

  1. On the Home tab, scan one of your Action Codes to enter an Action Mode
  2. Scan an Order QR code to commit that action to the order image

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