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Last updated April 3, 2019

Master Task Cards

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Sometimes, workflows are used to handle quantity within an order. If an order calls for a certain quantity of products, you may wish to track the production of each of the products. This can be done by adding multiple of the same workflows to the order. Task cards that are associated to the multiple of the same workflow within an order are now grouped together under a consolidated task card aka the master card. image

Unlike normal task cards, the master card will appear dark blue within any task status sort. When a master card is clicked, it will expand down to show the workflows that are associated with the order and contain the specific task. The color of each workflow item reflects the status of the task in question. image

In this example, the workflow names are “Unit 1” and “Unit 2”. The task “Confirm CT” within order W-1122-1121 is inactive in both workflows within the order. Clicking on one of the tasks will open the right side task panel to allow you to interact with the task per typical task card interaction. image

When a user checks into one of the tasks, the associated workflow card (in this example, “Unit 1” ) turns blue, indicating active status. image

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