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Last updated February 21, 2021

Resource Management

Ensure accurate capacity planning by keeping operating hours, resource availability, and resource assignment up-to-date

FactoryFour’s resource management system enables admins to keep resources and work centers working as efficiently as possible. Our system is focused on answering the “what if” questions during resource planning through detailed capacity planning, easy resource organization, and efficient schedule planning. FactoryFour’s resource management system is fully connected to our planning app, our F4 app, and our admin app so that any resource changes are directly reflected in our all other order management and production planning processes.

Capacity blocks

Capacity blocks are periods of time scheduled on the resource management calendar either as uptime or downtime, which can also be configured to be recurring. If any uptime block overlaps with a downtime block, then the user has the ability to override downtime capacity blocks. Capacity blocks can be scheduled at an organization level, a resource group level, or at a resource level. Learn More

Work Centers

Work centers are components of the resource management system as a way to organize and group designated resource groups. Work centers are useful when scheduling orders through FactoryFour production planning app. Learn More

Resource Groups

Resource groups are entities within work centers that can be split into user groups or asset groups and assigned to one or more work centers. Capacity blocks can be planned for individual resource groups, enabling users to be schedule more group-specific uptime and downtime blocks. Learn More


Resources are entities within resource groups that can be users or assets that can be assigned to one or more resource groups. Users are created through the FactoryFour admin app, while assets are created through the FactoryFour app. Capacity blocks can be scheduled at a resource level if a specific uptime or downtime for a resource needs to be tracked. Learn More

How to Utilize Resource Management

  1. How to Create a Work Center
  2. How to Create a Resource Group and Assign it to Work Center
  3. How to create a resource and assign it to a resource group
  4. How to schedule a capacity block
  5. How to modify a resource group assignment

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