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Last updated May 24, 2019

Order Dates

Reference and prioritize by relevant order dates – such as submission date, requested date, and due date – to focus your order processing.

Order Info Filters Table Configuration

Dates are very important to prioritizing and focusing order processing. We recognize that and have elevated Order Dates above other datapoints to make them more useful.

As a FactoryFour user you can sort and filter order on the following Order Dates:

  1. Creation Date - date the order was initially created by the requester (read-only)
  2. Submission Date - latest date the order was submitted, remember if an order is rejected, then it can be corrected and re-submitted by the requester (read-only)
  3. Requested Date - when the customer requests the order to be completed, similar to a Need by Date - can only be set by the requester
  4. Due Date - when the fabricator projects the order will be completed - can only be set by an Admin in the fabricating organization

Order Date Guides

How to Capture Requested Date in a Form

During Product Form configuration, an Admin can extract Requested Date from any date field. For example, if you prefer the term Need by Date the following field would be added:

Once configured, the Requested Date would populate upon form submission like other Order Form Extractions.

Requester Manages the Requested Date

Any user in the requesting organization can set or modify the Requested Date from the Order Info Panel at any time

Note: if a form is submitted with an extracted Requested Date it will be overwrite any previous Requested Date

Admin Manages the Due Date

An Admin in the fabricating organization can set or modify the Due Date from the Order Info Panel, which is visible to everyone in the organization

Filter Order Views with Order Dates

Add any Order Date as a filter in an Order Table View. There are two modes to set date range filters: Fixed and Relative.

Fixed Date Ranges define start and end dates that are static. A great use for this would be to see orders that have been submitted in a given month or quarter. Relative Date Ranges define start and end date dynamically depending on the day you access the view. A great use case for this would be to see all orders that are due in the next week.

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