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Last updated June 22, 2019

Order Comments

Communicate within your order in real-time.

Order Info Notifications

Does your organization communicate by phone, email, or instant messenger to discuss order details? Worse, do you have to walk onto the floor to ask questions about a specific order?

Using Order Comments, you can communicate in real-time with anyone relevant to an order.

Receive orders through a FactoryFour order portal or Fusiform CAST?

You can have direct message communication with your customers.

Just need to communicate with your internal team?

You can communicate within the Order Overview to make sure that all order communication is housed with the order

Communicating by comments:

  1. From the Order Overview click the Comments Button to open the Comments Panel

  2. Comment within the Panel to notify all subscribed users within the app and by email


You can subscribe many ways:

  1. By simply participating in the conversation
  2. By following the order
  3. By being assigned to the order
  4. Manually subscribing to a conversation


Notifications (in-app or Email) allow you to click to navigate to the message within the conversation within the order


To unsubscribe from a conversation, or turn off comment notifications for an order, navigate to the comment panel and toggle off the ‘Subscribe’ button

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