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Last updated August 2, 2019

User Groups

Manage and monitor similar users with User Groups

Users User Groups Shared Templates

User Groups provides admins more control in the user setup process by sharing View Templates based on user role and fewer headaches when users are added, removed or change roles.

At a Glance

  1. Admins create User Groups and manage group membership
  2. Admins create group-specific View Templates and share them with relevant User Groups
  3. Users have access to all View Templates shared to all User Groups
  4. Users additionally create and manage their own personal View Templates

Feature Details

User Group Membership

Admins assign users membership to User Groups - there is no limit to the number of groups a user can have. In order to share templates with a User Group an admin must also be a member of the User Group.

Sharing View Templates with User Groups

Both Order and Task View Templates created by admins can be shared to User Groups - learn how to. In order to share templates with a User Group an admin must also be a member of the the group. Shared templates are read only for users, but can be edited by any admin that has access via a User Group.

Seeing Template Updates

Templates that are added, modified or deleted update every time a page loads - in order to see the changes simply refresh the page or navigate away from the page and come back.

User Groups are established for the entirety of a user session and will only update upon the next user log-in - in order to see the changes log-out and log back in.

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