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Last updated June 23, 2019

Single User Check-In

Configure users to checking into one task at a time.

Users Task Interaction

Users can be limited to either checking into one task at a time, or many. The configuration can be edited in the Admin Application. This article is for users that have 1 task limit. If you attempt to check into a second task, the Status box disappears and the Activity box will relay a message showing information about the task that you are currently checked into.


After selecting Go To Task, the Status_ box of the currently checked-in task appears._ image

You can either navigate back to the blocking task, (in this example, Design task) or Check Out of the task you are currently checked into. If you select Check Out, you will automatically be checked into the task you were attempting to check into earlier.

If you are an Admin level user and attempt to check in a user that is already checked into another task, the user’s row will be disabled. Go To Task button will appear to check the user out of their checked-in task. As an Admin user, you can check out the user of the blocking task and navigate back to the original task side panel.

Key Vocabulary: Blocking Task: Task you are currently checked into that is keeping you from checking into a second task.

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