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Last updated May 24, 2019

Admin App Overview

The Admin App empowers admins to configure the organization to fit their business needs.

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The FactoryFour Administrative App is a tool for Admins to configure their organization. Functionality within the App include adding new users, setting up rules and automations, creating workflows to define production processes, and building forms for data capture, etc. The Admin App can be accessed by navigating to admin.factoryfour.com and logging in with Admin credentials.


There are three categories of tabs: General, Automation, and Quality Assurance.

General Tabs Include:

Automation Tabs Include:

  • Rules: Create rules that automate processes in your organization such as Notifications, Assignments, and Updates (See Creating Rules)

  • Hooks (If enabled): (Article Coming Soon)

  • Scan Actions: (See Creating Action QR Codes)

Quality Assurance Tabs Include:

  • Forms (QA/Quality Forms): Create task-specific forms to be filled out by your users during the production process (See Quality Form Builder)

  • Standards: Create enforcement rules for Quality Forms that prompts users to fill out particular forms in order to complete status updates during production (See How Do I make QA and Downtime/Error Codes Forms?)

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