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Last updated June 5, 2019

Managing Tag Groups

Learn how to create, edit, and use tag groups.

Tags Filters

Within the Admin App, you can now create Order and Task Tag Groups which will enable more powerful filtering and selective rule-triggering in the FactoryFour application.

In order to create these ‘Tag Groups’:

  1. Navigate to the ‘Tags’ tab in the Admin app

  2. Click ‘Add Tag Group’

  3. Give the ‘Tag Group’ a name (ex. Stage, Priority, Location)

  4. Specify if this is a Order-level or Task-level tag

  5. Specify if a user can apply a single or multiple tags from this tag group at any given time

  6. Specify if you will enumerate a list of tags for the ‘Tag Group’ or if you want to specify a numerical range for this ‘Tag Group’

  7. Click ‘Create’ to create the ‘Tag Group’

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