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Last updated June 21, 2019

Managing Order Forms

Learn how to create, edit, and archive Order Forms.

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How do I make/edit Order Forms?

You can manage your organization’s custom Order Forms using the Order Form Builder available in the FactoryFour Admin App.

  1. Navigate to the Order Types tab in the Admin App
  2. Either click to open an existing Order Form or click ‘Add Order Type’ to configure a new Order Form
  3. As changes are made the form will auto-save as a draft. (Learn more about the Order Form Configurator)
  4. When your form is ready, click ‘Publish’ your new form into the FactoryFour application.

  5. Publishing will make the ‘Order Form’ available in the Product Selection list within the FactoryFour application.

How do I archive Order Forms?

  1. Navigate to a particular order in the Order Types tab in the Admin App
  2. Click the ‘…’ in the top right of the Configurator to find the ‘Archive’ option

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