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Last updated July 2, 2019

Notification Keys

Notification Key List for Rule Notification

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Notification keys are pieces of standard order data that can be keyed into rule notifications so that the notifications are specific to the order/task that triggers them.

How to use

To add a key to a rule notification, simply type the key surrounded by single % into the message subject and/or body along with your notification text

Notification Keys


Status of the order that triggered the rule: incomplete, pending, progress, complete, error


Organization name of the order fabricator


Organization name of the order requestor _Note: Order Portal and CAST Clinic app users)


Organization name of the order distributor _Note: Only useful in third-party distributor/fabricator relationships)


Order Type/Order Form


Customer Company Name

%cust_first_name% \ %cust_last_name%

Customer First Name, Customer Last Name


order due date


order need (requested date) date


order submitted date


OrderID for an order

%order_tags_added% / %order_tags_removed%

added/removed order tags for order_tag rule


(ex. order-tag-Location) displays whatever tag option the order is tagged with at the triggering of any rule type

%task_tags_added% / %task_tags_removed%

added/removed task tags for task_tag rule


(ex. task-tag-Priority) displays whatever tag option the task is tagged with at the triggering of any entity_status rule


name of the task (only for task related rules [ex.] entity_status, task_form)


name of the workflow (for workflow rules) or parent workflow(for task/job rules)


name of the job workflow (only for job rules)


name of the workflow initiator name (only for task related rules)

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