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Last updated April 3, 2019

How do I get Analytics Dashboards in my account?

Analytics User Types

FactoryFour captures a large amount of data for your organization. Based on your needs, we can customize dashboards in your account to present the production information most important to you. Examples of this data includes, but is not limited to how long users have been checked into a task, how long it has taken tasks and orders to be completed, and how long orders of different product groups take to complete in comparison to each other. If your organization has datapoints set up across orders, patterns of those datapoints (such as the effect of quantity and product type on how long it takes to complete an order) can be visualized and measured across time. Data entered into Quality Forms can also be analyzed and understood with FactoryFour’s dashboards offering.

If you are interested in gaining insight from your organization’s production data, please reach out to your FactoryFour Customer Success Representative. image

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